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Consultative Services

Consultation & Coaching

Supporting communication partners

  • Partner coaching for home

  • Professional co-working with therapists

  • Team collaboration (schools, day programs, etc)

  • Independent evaluations & plan development

Training & Group Education

Developing knowledge for individuals and teams

  • Presentations on specialized topics (AAC, AT, core vocabulary, strategies, etc)

  • Hanen More Than Words

  • SLP student/fellow supervision

  • Formal mentorship & professional education

We love what we do. Educating others only spreads that joy! Whether teaching family members and school teams strategies, collaborating with other therapists to problem-solve, or instructing a group on available tools, we can help.


For AAC users, consultative services can provide coaching for daily communication partners and unite a team to provide consistent implementation across environments. For professionals, mentorship can deepen knowledge on specialized topics related to assistive technology, and further clinical skills to better support their own clients.

Whatever your needs, don't hesitate to reach out.

Consultative, coaching, and training services are available in all fifty states... and worldwide!

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